Welcome to Art Delivery Service, Santa Fe’s Premier Art Shipping and Delivery Company.

We provide crating, packing, shipping, custom box building and soft wrap / blanket wrap delivery of paintings, sculptures, pottery and other fragile artwork and antiques.

Since 1998 we’ve been providing very specialized service to art galleries and artists, art consultants and collectors, antique dealers and private clients. We help you get your artwork to where it needs to be delivered – from artist to gallery, gallery to client, from artist or gallery to art shows and museums.

We ship globally and deliver regionally using our fleet of customized trucks throughout the southwestern United States including: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, California, and Nevada.

We also deliver to the East Coast on a monthly basis with stops typically in Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Hilton Head, Atlanta, Memphis and Oklahoma City.

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your art delivery needs. Review our Southwest Truck Schedule or East Coast Truck Schedule to see when we will be in your area.