Crating Service 3-Dimensional Objects

Art Delivery Service offers the highest quality crating solution for all of your valuable objects. We can provide many crating options that can fit every client’s needs. From the top of the line quality museum crates to the most economical but safe one-way crate.

Our crates are made from high quality wood and provide complete protective cushioning from shock or vibration. Interiors are lined to prevent friction damage with high density foam.

We typically crate artwork that is too large or heavy because we feel that crating is a safer method for transportation with freight services. We also typically crate artwork that is over 50lbs.

Our custom built crates ensure the safe transportation of your paintings, statues, sculptures and other art pieces. We have shipped fine art for some of the most prestigious galleries and artists. Our crating specialists ensure the safe delivery of your artwork no matter how fragile your piece is. Use the same company that galleries and professional artist have hired.

The following steps are an example of the steps we follow with a sculpture that we would crate and ship out for our customers.